New GT CoC Pre-App Review Program

02 Nov 2021 – Annabel

The College of Computing has a pre-read program where students from underrepresented backgrounds can have a current PhD student informally read their application materials and give feedback (completely separate from the actual application). The goal is to provide the informal support network that students from overrepresented backgrounds likely already have. You can find more information about our program here.

If you come across this post and are interested in the GT program, or the HCC PhD program at Georgia Tech, I am happy to answer any questions over email (kontakt@thisdomain).

More information from the leaders of the program:

The Georgia Institute of Technology Graduate Application Support (GT-GAS) program aims to assist underrepresented applicants as they apply to GT College of Computing PhD program. A graduate student volunteer may provide one round of feedback on an applicant’s statement of purpose and CV.

To participate in the GT-GAS Program, please submit your application materials here by 11:59PM EST on November 15th, 2021. If your submission is complete, you will receive feedback by November 30th, 2021. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis until our volunteer capacity is reached.

Mentors may reach out to you for drafts of your Statement of Purpose and CV. We don’t expect them to be polished, as long as there is enough for us to read and provide meaningful feedback! Mentors will provide one round of written feedback, though it is possible individual mentors may want to set up virtual meetings to give feedback in-person.

Participation in GT-GAS is completely separate from the official PhD application process and therefore does not guarantee admission to the College of Computing. Your mentor will not review your official application, and participation will not be disclosed to the admissions committee or faculty. Information will be aggregated and anonymized to evaluate the impact of this program, but individual responses will be deleted at the end of this application cycle.







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