image of my email as described below

The easiest way to reach me is over email, at my-first-initial and my-last-initial, where “my-first-initial and my-last-initial” resolves to “ar”.

You can also use my institutional affiliation email (arothschild at gatech dot edu), but I am much more likely to miss emails from non-US domains there, thanks to some kink in the filtering. Emailing both my independent and institutional addresses is probably a good idea if you have a non-US ISO code (I’m very sorry for the hassle and much look forward to your email).

I have an active PGP key for my personal email, which you can find at this link.

Per Telemediengesetz.

Author: Annabel R. Rothschild

Address: I move between the US and Germany and therefore don’t maintain a reliable German address. Anything addressed to “Annabel Rothschild, School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30308 USA” will likely find me, however email me if you need urgent contact.

Email: see above.

Phone number: Please email me for my telephone number. I maintain a German phone number but do not regularly check it.