cartoon drawing of Annabel (with lots of curly hair) by Hershel, whose website is linked at the bottom of this page

From June - August 2022 I am a visiting PhD researcher in Prof. Dr. Janne Lindqvist’s group at Aalto University (FI).

I am a human-centered computing PhD student at Georgia Tech and a member of the DataWorks research team. A current(ish) copy of my cv is here and my pronouns are she/her. I am primarily advised by Dr. Betsy DiSalvo, co-advised by Dr. Carl DiSalvo, and collaborate closely with Dr. Ben Rydal Shapiro (GSU). Before Georgia Tech, I studied computer science at Wellesley College.

Data work is the focus of my research. I investigate who performs it and how they go about it. Using a critical data studies approach, I am interested in how to preserve the social context or setting in which a dataset was promulgated (e.g., “who, what, where, when, why, how”). My current projects are centered on the labor conditions of digital piecework platforms (e.g., Amazon Mechanical Turk); I am looking at the impacts of de-professionalization and task atomization on both individuals and the data they work with. I am also interested in building software systems and tools that support documentation in data work, while minimizing additional human labor and respecting the privacy of those working with, represented by, and included in the data.

My perspective on human agents in data-intensive systems is informed by these books, along with prior experience and continued interest in programming languages, usable security and privacy, and information dissemination in modern media.

On the personal side, I keep a kind of data diary of the temporal and financial cost of protecting my personal information on the web – mostly to highlight the barriers to doing so.

The doodle is by Hershel. This site is built with Jekyll and hosted by GitHub pages.