A multi-year tally of how much time and money basic data privacy protections have cost me.

ActivityTime spent (in minutes)NotesRunning total: Time (hours)$NotesRunning total: $
Turning off individual ad brokers’ lists access to target me; requires 6 clicks per service, no bulk opt-out option200Rough estimate, I have to re-do this from time to time31.050235
Looking up masked email services250
Setting up AnonAddy1010Now paying license fee per year
Encryption service for cloud provider, settled on Cryptomator for now100Web app is free
Encrypted text editor service and storage4549per year; back to free license after realizing I didn’t use advanced features
DMAchoice opt out202for 10 years
YourAdChoices opt out50
YourAdChoices opt out on mobile50
Gmail alternative configuration (Tutanota)22310per year; quit in favor of better calendar options on Proton Mail
Gmail alternative take 2 configuration (Proton Mail)12040per year
More individual site opt outs200
Finding a good, multipurpose VPN with German IP addresses option (Mullvad)455per month; subscription not constant
Affixing VPN to each device30
Stingle photos as google photos alternative5030per year; Dropped after a year, easier to just store in personal encrypted storage with documents
Setting up AdGuard home300Including resetting inherited router, creation of new rules
Switching to LineageOS for Android500Samsung tablet took ages, Pixel 4a took an hour89cost of new LineageOS compatible phone
Tracker Control deployment50Couldn’t make up my mind about AdGuard on Android
Configuring, reviewing Google “request to remove your PII” from search results20Maybe 2-3 minutes every now and then when a new result comes up
Actual formal removal of data from data brokers, including Acxion, Experian, Epsilon, and Oracle180Approximate, much leg work on each request and follow up