I’ve been been privileged to be a computer science peer educator in a few forms, as:

  • a Summer Immersion teaching assistant for Girls Who Code in Summer 2017,
  • a Lead Instructor for the forth-grade classroom of Science Club for Girls, during the 2017-18 school year – through an independent study at Wellesley, one of the program co-coordinators and I developed a new computer science & logic curriculum for Wellesley’s sister organization,
  • and a Supplemental Instruction (think recitation) leader for Data Structures at Wellesley, since August 2017 – as an SI leader, I create worksheets to review data structures topics, please feel free to use them, just request Google Drive access. Please note that I often adapt/reuse iterations from previous Wellesley SIs and credit should frequently be directed to them as noted in worksheet headers.