I’ve been been privileged to be a computer science peer educator in a few forms. While teaching, I am concerned with helping students both learn the subject material and build their self confidence as a programmer or computer scientist. I’m interested in fostering inclusive learning spaces for all students and I am always excited to learn more about what other educators and students have found useful or important in this regard.

  • Teaching Assistant for CS 7455: Issues in Human-Centered Computing (HCC3) at Georgia Tech, Spring 2023. Assist course instructor with moderating discussions, provide students with additional practice questions for the HCC PhD qualifying exam and give feedback on their responses.
  • Teaching Assistant for CS 4001: Computing, Society, and Professionalism at Georgia Tech, Spring 2021. I was the recitation leader for two discussion sections (~10 students each) for this required course the for Georgia Tech undergraduate computing degree. Responsible for leading discussion, grading, and assisting students’ development as writers and communicators of sociotechnical material.
  • Supplemental Instruction Leader for Data Structures (CS230) at Wellesley for four semesters (class enrollment size ranging from 25 to 60 college students). This role is much like that of a recitation leader; I provided two sessions per week for students to review lecture material and created worksheets to aid in this process. Please feel free to use the worksheets, just request Google Drive access. Please note that I often adapt/reuse selected problems from previous Wellesley SIs and credit should frequently be directed to them as noted in worksheet headers.
  • Lead Instructor for the forth-grade classroom of Science Club for Girls (ten fourth graders) for one semester. I helped students learn the fundamentals of computing through Scratch Jr. and created activities to help my students see themselves as computer scientists.
  • Teaching Assistant for the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program in 2017 (38 students). Along with the lead teachers, I helped a group of students find their footing in various areas of computing, from Web development to robotics (Arduino).