I use Google Analytics (GA) on this site, despite my protestations against invasive data collection practices. Which is probably hypocritical to the n-th degree. However, the reason for this is that I use this website like a business card, except in many cases I’m not able to directly meet those individuals who visit the website. For that reason, I find it helpful to know pieces of information are most useful – for example, PDFs of papers maybe?

Anyway, you don’t have to opt-in to having your data collected (i.e., you might lose the business card in your satchel as I always accidentally do), as you have a right to autonomy with your data. For this reason, GA should not be activated unless you click to approve the banner message. At least, this is true in the many trials I’ve done; you should let me know if you find otherwise (email in footer). Long term, I would like to use one of the other, more privacy-respecting analytics services out there, but the honest answer is that I’m not paying a squigillion dollars a year to do so on a grad student budget. So for now, we make do with this.

Finally, if you find you accidentally misclick to approve and would like to rescind your approval, try a “hard refresh” (specific to your browser) and the message should pop up again. Of course, this does not delete your entry from GA, which I can attempt manually if you let me know.

(Real finally:) There is a YouTube video embedded in my projects page. I cannot figure out a way to disable tracking from it (I don’t ‘own’ the video in my account), so you may see that tracker appear. Apologies.

This notification system is uses code and tutorials written by other individuals. You’re welcome to copy my system, but you should attribute them.