I’m a Computer Science student at Wellesley College. My research page has a bit more info about the kinds of projects I most enjoy. Je parle français conversationnel, aber mein deutsch ist nicht so gut :)

Things I can be a sounding board for

I’ve been the very grateful beneficiary of some excellent advice from fellow Wellesley students, alumns, professors, & a load of other neat-o people I’ve been fortunate to meet. Maybe some of my experiences (a few listed below) are relevant for other folks, in which case I’d be more than happy to pay the advice chain forward (though in my case I certainly can’t claim to have it “all figured out”, but I can be someone to bounce ideas off of!) Email1 is the best way to reach me.

  • Albright Fellowship
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader or Tutoring in the Wellesley CS department
  • Wellesley CS major/being a CS major at a liberal arts college (spoiler: it’s great!)
  • REUs (research experiences for undergraduates, funded by the National Science Foundation)
  • Undergraduate computer science research
  • Shipping bikes across the continental United States lol

Other Interests

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  1. Feel free to use my “more private” or, “less monitored by the lurking surveillance forces that be” email if you like: annabelrothschild@tuta.io. arothsch@wellesley.edu works too.